Advantage of Babywearing for Dads

Advantage of Babywearing for Dads

Advantage of Babywearing for Dads

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While you may think that baby carriers are designed just for moms, you should reconsider that thought because it is becoming more common to see dads using baby carriers for babywearing.


Here at Baby Carrier India, we have compiled some information to learn more about how you can become a more involved dad through babywearing.


There are several advantages to dads wearing their children in baby carriers, including Gives dad a chance to bond with the baby more. 


Especially if the infant is breastfeeding and is not involved in the baby’s feedings, wearing his child in a carrier gives dad time to sit quietly with his baby in a soothing, nurturing environment. 


The Baby Carrier Can Help Dads

Using a baby carrier can help dads become more confident in their parenting abilities.

Anytime that dad carries his baby in the carrier, mom receives a much-needed break.


Along with the benefits as mentioned above for dads, the same general benefits of babywearing apply. 


When worn in a carrier by either parent, the child will cry less and sleep better while in the carrier. 


Using an infant carrier gives either parent the chance to get chores done while keeping the baby close, making it easier to get around in crowded places, and better for your back and hips than carrying the baby in your arms.


While both mom and dad can use the same carrier, many dads find that they experience heightened when they have a baby carrier of their own to use.


As when a mother chooses her baby carry bag, there are several factors that dads need to consider when purchasing a baby carrier bag.

First Time Babywearing Dads

Baby carrier India, Babywearing, Baby carry bag, Baby Carrier Bag

Dad’s Size and Body Type

This will primarily be your Baby carrier bag, so make sure that it fits you comfortably and that it allows for the carry position(s) that you plan to use.



The weather highly determines your fabric choice for your carrier. Remember that the carrier will add an extra layer to both you and your child. 


Cotton and mesh baby carriers breathe the best and will keep you and your little one more relaxed in warm weather. Babywearing Throughout the Year can help you to choose the right type of carrier for each season.


Personal Taste

A variety of fabric and color choices are available to appeal to a father’s taste and sense of style.


Child’s Age and Weight

When selecting a carrier style, your child’s age and weight are significant factors. You’ll need to consider whether your child can support his head and how to distribute his weight across your body evenly.


Type of Best Baby Carrier Bags

Baby carrier India, Babywearing, Baby carry bag, Baby Carrier Bag

A pouch is an excellent carrier choice. Pouches have an extremely short learning curve and allow you to easily pop the baby in and out as needed without adjusting or removing the carrier. 

The most crucial factor to consider when choosing a pouch or any carrier for that matter is to ensure that it fits you correctly. A baby worn in a carrier should rest at or just above your waist.


If you are up for a longer learning curve, a ring sling is also an excellent baby carry bag type for dads to start using. A ring sling will offer more adjustability and is even available with padding to add to your comfort level. 


While moms often select both pouches and ring slings because they make nursing discreetly very easy. 


Many baby carrier bag manufacturers have noticed that more and more dads are using them and have begun to offer the colors and fabrics that are more appealing to dads.


Some dads also like to use baby wrap carriers and Mei Tai carriers because of their versatility and comfortable distribution of the baby’s weight across the wearer’s body. 


These carriers also can be used successfully as your child grows though they take a little longer to adjust for the multiple carry positions.


How to Become a Skilled Babywearing Dad

Baby carrier India, Babywearing, Baby carry bag, Baby Carrier Bag

Once a child is old enough to sit up unsupported, many dads prefer to begin using a soft structured baby carrier for both; front and back carries positions. 


After adjusting this baby carrier bag style to fit you comfortably, you can quickly buckle it on and off whenever you need it.


While using a baby carrier for the first time may be a daunting task, with a little practice and the right carrier, you can become a skilled babywearing dad in no time. 


If you’re still unsure exactly which type of carrier is best for you, check out our article on Which Baby Carrier is Best for Baby Hips? to get a better idea. 


If you already have a good idea about the type of carrier you’ll need, our Best Baby Carrier Buying Guide India can help you narrow your selection to the perfect model.

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